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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Taking a life insurance policy is one of the most critical investments you are going to ever make in your life. A life insurance policy is a way in which you can secure those financial responsibilities in case you die.

We at Los Gatos Insurance Services will ensure that your loved ones are well taken care of after you pass. We offer a proper life insurance policy that will ensure that your beneficiaries are secure. We offer both temporary and permanent coverage. We understand that overtime life changes and that the financial needs will also change. This is why we have several life insurance options which you can choose. Some of them include:

Individual Life Insurance

We provide the individual life insurance policy to people in California and other states. A lot of people consider a life insurance policy as solid financial plan. This coverage is a way of relieving your loved one of financial worry if you die.

If you pass away, a policy can ensure that all the funeral costs are handled. It can also pay all of your estate taxes and provide the funds for the education of your children. A policy can also pay your mortgage if you have not finished paying it off. We have a knowledgeable team of insurance professionals who ensure that we are committed to providing the best insurance solutions. We have several types of individual life insurance coverage options. They include:

  • Whole Life Insurance: This is the permanent type of insurance. Your premiums will be the same for the entire time you are alive. They will be considered as savings with a fixed amount of interest.
  • Annual Renewable Term: This is a coverage that is purchased annually. The benefits will only pay if the insured would die within the specific year. This cover comes with the option of renewing it.
  • Level Term: This coverage has a fixed premium for a specified period. Usually 10, 15, 20 or 50 years. The premium for this is based on your age and the time you start it.

A life insurance policy can protect your family when you can't. Contact Los Gatos Insurance Services today for all your life insurance needs in California. We can help acquire a quote and get you started.

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