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Welcome to Los Gatos Insurance Services

We strive to provide the best services for our clients with certainty and confidence so that you can pursue your objective. We offer a wide variety of business and personal insurance coverage options. We endeavor to ensure that you have the confidence that is needed to make it in today’s market. Our primary focus is on the growth of our client. We ensure that we represent the interest of our clients before anything else.

Our passion is to come up with policies that will make our clients have peace of mind. We offer a variety of products which include but are not limited to:

Home and Auto Insurance

We offer our clients a package of bundling your home and car in California. We have specialists in our team who will help you come up with the best policy that will cover your needs. Getting the combined policy will ensure that you get quality discounts and this will, in turn, help you save.

You can also buy these policies separately to protect your home and vehicle from liability issues, damages, theft, and more. It is required by state law to have some form of insurance on your automobile, and most mortgage lenders will require you to have a policy on your home. We offer an online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance which you can access from our website.

Commercial Property Insurance

This policy protects your business from the dangers of fire, weather, vandalism, and more. It can offer financial stability when an event occurs that causes damage to the structure of your business or the contents inside. A loss of inventory could cripple your business, so reach out to our agents to discuss the details of a commercial property policy and learn how to get started. This policy may not include damages caused by flooding or earthquakes.

Beyond the above coverage options, we offer flood, umbrella, motorcycle, commercial, condo, boat/watercraft, classic car, and renters insurance. Contact us today for your insurance needs in California. Our agents are ready to get you started on a policy and walk you through the insurance process.