California Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Los Gatos Insurance Services is proud to offer full coverage for your classic automobile at the most reasonable rates. Classic car owners are a special breed, and classic cars are too! Our coverage and rates reflect this distinction to give the coverage you need to protect your classic car.

Guaranteed Value

Insurance for your classic car isn't like regular insurance. We agree on the value of your classic automobile when you purchase your insurance, and there's no haggling or dispute if you submit a claim. We know the value of your classic is different than that of a regular automobile. Classic cars don't usually depreciate in value; in fact, they often appreciate. We also understand that replacing a part on your classic in case of damage is very important and the highest quality is essential. Our rates reflect the pride and care classic owners show by being much lower than standard policy rates. This coverage is a very affordable way to protect your collector's classic!

Standard Insurance

The State of California requires all motorists to carry liability insurance as part of their insurance package. You will also have to qualify for this kind of coverage. Your vehicle will have to fit the description of a classic vehicle. But, again, rates for that total package are usually much lower for classic car owners!

Complete Coverage

We offer complete coverage for classic automobiles.

  • Collision Coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage to protect you from damage to your vehicle from sources other than collisions. This usually includes damage from storms, vandalism, theft, or other causes.
  • Uninsured Motorist to help protect your investment.
  • Roadside assistance coverage to help if your classic is stranded roadside someplace for any reason.

If it's protection for your classic car, we've got you covered. Los Gato Insurance Services in California offers complete classic automobile coverage. To discuss classic car coverage or any other insurance needs, contact us today!

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